Monday, April 21, 2008

Never been blogged...

Well, my very first knitting project circa Christmas 2002 -- a Dr. Who scarf for the boy.


Yep. It took forever, it's all garter and all acrylic. Le sigh. "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger."

I abducted le scarf this weekend for a good washing...

Thought you might want pictures. I'd say it's about 12 feet long!!! Definitely long enough for my boyfriend to wear wrapped around his neck, and down covering his legs in cold movie theatres!



More photos & details at the scarf's Ravelry page.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

FO: Sunshiney Socks

Oh, LOVE!!! I call them my Sunshiney Socks, and they are my custom-knit wool (koigu) socks just for my tootsies! In typical Linz-timing, they're ready just for Spring. Sigh.

But, I love them, and they will bring me lots of sunshine this Winter!

Eye of Partridge Heel, frogged and worked again a whopping extra 3 times to get rid of the holey heels...

Project Details:
Koigu KPPPM (still my all-time favourite for socks... but I haven't gotten to any STR yet)
Needles: 2.5mm Addi Turbo Circs, 80mm long
Pattern: Toe-up one one circ, with magic loop, improvised as I went with a figure-eight cast-on, Eye of Partridge Short Row Heel, and stockinette throughout with a k2,p2 rib top.


Lots more photos and details on their Ravelry page.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Yarn Harlotting & Prezzies!

Yep. It's a verb now. I went Harlotting last week -- on Tuesday night I made it to the launch for Stephanie's new book. Oh, what fun!

I met up with one of my favourite knitters, Lisa! She got to see my new digs, and brought me a fabulous housewarming gift: handknit cotton dishcloths (!!!!AHHHH!!!!) and an amazing hand-soap that smells like red peppers. Mmmmmmm.

You have to see these dishcloths (they match my favourite kitchen stuff!):

Photo 86

This one's my favourite:
Photo 89

This one is so pretty:
Photo 101

This one is a bit trippy for mornings... but how I love it:
Photo 111

I love how you see the colours in the diagonal stripes on this one:
Photo 110

And and the event, surrounded by Toronto knit-bloggers, I even got blogged! Check it out at Martha's blog! I'm the one with crazy eye and my Icarus in #8!

Socks for me!

You know, it's nice to knit something small, for me. So what better thing to do, than knit up the beautiful koigu from my stash that I have been DYING to work with:

Sunshiney Skeins


So far, I have one lovely, custom sock. With crazy increases and decreases at my whim to fit my feet perfectly! Hopefully I can do the same thing for the second sock.

Oh . . . I have managed to put my camera "in a safe place", so here are webcam photos. Really -- imagine me in my PJs waving my leg in front of my mac to get some blog photos. Yeah, it's been a silly morning:

Photo 91

Photo 90

Photo 98

Yes, that is an eye of partridge heel you spy -- with short row shaping and everything! Oooh, ahhh.

Photo 96

I think I'm doing a better job updating on Ravelry. Mmmmm, Ravelry.

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