Monday, January 12, 2009

Show Knitting

Every time I do a show (don't forget, I'm not only a knitter, but a singer!) I like to have something on the needles.

It's best for it to be something simple, where I don't need a chart or to keep track of what row I'm on... something that I can put down mid row if need be. But it also has to be an interesting enough project that I don't get bored to tears.

At the end of the month I'm going to be in a production of Pirates of Penzance with my fabulous Gilbert and Sullivan troupe. And as the show opens in less than two weeks time, our rehearsals are getting longer, crazier, and full of more gaps of 'hurry up and wait' time.

Knitting fills those gaps perfectly, and keeps me sane. As I'd be doing jumping jacks if I didn't have knitting, this is a good way to make sure I can sit still. The energy of performing is so intense, that I really need a counter-balance.

Besides, I've managed to convince enough of the other ladies to bring theirs that we sit around and have little knitting circles during our offstage moments. Great fun!

So, what am I knitting? I've picked The Prismatic Scarf by Huan-Hue Chye to show off the colourway of my favourite malabrigo silky merino that I picked up at The Purple Purl: loro barranquero. Mmmm. Apparently loro is Spanish for "parrot".

Definitely sproingy and silky soft.

And yes, I'm back to selfish knitting: this one's for me!


One last photo...

I promise, I'm done taking photos of these mitts now!

They are washed and blocked, and I have moved on to "show knitting"... (more to come once I can take a half-decent photo of what I'm working on).

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FO: Last Christmas Prezzie DONE!!!!

Oooh, it feels soooo good to be done with these mitts; I had to take crappy cell phone photos to show them off:


Project Details:
Knitpicks Palette in the aptly named "blue" and "yellow" -- Swedish colours!
Pattern: Swirly Mittens from Anne L (aka. Goldenknits)'s blog, Kultalankaa (Golden Thread) -- the blog is in Finnish and English. FYI: The pattern is more of a chart to insert into your own mitten pattern. I had to learn how to do the cuff (loose directions given), thumb gusset and thumb (no directions given).
Needles: Addi Turbo 2.5mm circular needles -- magic looped
Ravelry Project Page: Click here!


Feel free to now resume your regularly scheduled blog reading... I'm off to block and better photograph these babies -- and to dream about what I'm knitting next!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This is how I felt when I was working on Krish's Doctor Who scarf!

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Socks for Supper

Sometimes you need a timeout from your knitting.

Take a minute, and enjoy:


Sunday, January 04, 2009


I'm officially an idiot regarding this second mitt.

Problems so far:

1) I cast on too few stitches, and didn't even realize ("hmmm, does that look small?") until 3 inches into the cuff. Had to rip back and create some blue and yellow ramen to start over.

2) In the palm motive, I messed up a set of four blue/yellow stitches at the end of a round. I dropped a couple of stitches intentionally to sort them out, and managed to fix them, but with wonky tension.

3) Luckily (?!) problem #2 didn't matter because I totally forgot to start the increases for the thumb gusset. More ramen as I ripped WAY back. Ouch.

Hopefully these things come in threes and that's it now. I'd like to get these done and gifted!

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ticking Along...

Originally uploaded by linzknits
I'm working on these mitts, still... and they are a joy to knit, but I wish I weren't trying to get them done ASAP.

I think deadline knitting is enough to sap all the energy out of what I'm working on.

Luckily, these are gorgeous enough that I'm motivated to get them done!

I'm using teeny tiny needles, and funnily enough, they keep warping just a little bit. I think this two-handed stranded knitting has my tension all wound up super tight. I do manage to bend the needles back every so often, but perhaps I need to loosen up a little?

Wish me luck... I think I need it!

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