Sunday, January 04, 2009


I'm officially an idiot regarding this second mitt.

Problems so far:

1) I cast on too few stitches, and didn't even realize ("hmmm, does that look small?") until 3 inches into the cuff. Had to rip back and create some blue and yellow ramen to start over.

2) In the palm motive, I messed up a set of four blue/yellow stitches at the end of a round. I dropped a couple of stitches intentionally to sort them out, and managed to fix them, but with wonky tension.

3) Luckily (?!) problem #2 didn't matter because I totally forgot to start the increases for the thumb gusset. More ramen as I ripped WAY back. Ouch.

Hopefully these things come in threes and that's it now. I'd like to get these done and gifted!

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Blogger Team Knit ! said...

agh, so frustrating! I like how to refer to the ripped back portions as ramen noodles. hehee!

- Julie

12:29 PM  

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