Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blog Boredom?

I think I need to knit something a little more exciting than Icarus, so that I actually have something to blog about. Or just knit faster . . .

I am officially (according to the over-thought spreadsheet of doom) over 80% done on my lovely shawl, so things might get more interesting around here fairly soon. If I can ever figure out the edging. Why don't people chart edgings? Is it REALLY easier to explain it in words?

In other news, I am totally besmitten with Ravelry, and I am spending way too much time queuing new projects. Yeah, that's the last thing I need to do right now.

Off to work on the shawl so I can maybe get a surprise prezzie done sooooon.

Oh, anyone doing any exciting Christmas knitting? I don't know if I'll be able to this year, as I have the surprise prezzie, and I'm MOVING to my FIRST NEW PLACE!!!! AHHHHHH!

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