Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, since I finished my Icarus I took on a few little projects: my sunshiney socks, the baby Sweet Pea hat, and the toys for the girls.

Now, I'm in a slump. I want to start on another big project, but I'm not ready for something big.

And I want to knit from my stash.

Every time I go into Ravelry to figure out what to knit next, I get sucked into something else. It's like all the problems of the internet times a million, because it's ALL KNITTING!!!!!

Hopefully the things I need to knit will help me figure out what I really want to knit. I really should be working on the armwarmers for Pemm, and a Secret Summer Project...

Oh, which brings to mind my current favourite joke:

"Where do generals keep their armies?"

"In their sleevies."

Bah dum bum, chhhh.

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