Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RIP Pink Socks

Brace yourselves, knitters.

The first socks I ever knit for myself are gone.

Completed Koigu socks - on feet

I loved everything about these socks (perfect fit! koigu! cables! my first socks! ankle-high!), and you don't know how heartbroken I am to have them gone. They seem to have jumped out of my suitcase in Amsterdam, where I had a very quick plane connection between Manchester and Stockholm. (Let's not discuss how I also lost one shoe and all my underwear. My thongs are having a party in Amsterdam without me...)

RIP Socks. I loved you well.

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Bad Knitter...

I have a finished sweater, but it's not washed and blocked yet... and I wore it ALL OVER Europe!!!

Wanna see my Featherweight?

Ok, maybe I should go wash it so I can wear it a little more proudly... and not have to unroll the collar to show people what it "really looks like".

Off to find the wool wash!

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