Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind Schedule

Well, for a massive number of reasons, I am well-behind schedule on my knitting (the birthday stole for my mum's 60th in October). But you know what, I get to show off 45% of the stole, AND my new chairs:


Instead of knitting, I've been spending time with dear friends and family, and taking time to enjoy my loft and the sunsets here:


I have also recommitted to my Weight Watchers, and have taken lots of time to exercise and cook. Fabulous.

Whenever I do sit down to knit, I spend more time snuggling with the stole than actually knitting. But really, doesn't it look snugglable?


But of course, that's not helping the knitting much. So I'm going to sit in this corner and work on the stole:


Don't let me come out until it's done.

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