Monday, April 07, 2008

Socks for me!

You know, it's nice to knit something small, for me. So what better thing to do, than knit up the beautiful koigu from my stash that I have been DYING to work with:

Sunshiney Skeins


So far, I have one lovely, custom sock. With crazy increases and decreases at my whim to fit my feet perfectly! Hopefully I can do the same thing for the second sock.

Oh . . . I have managed to put my camera "in a safe place", so here are webcam photos. Really -- imagine me in my PJs waving my leg in front of my mac to get some blog photos. Yeah, it's been a silly morning:

Photo 91

Photo 90

Photo 98

Yes, that is an eye of partridge heel you spy -- with short row shaping and everything! Oooh, ahhh.

Photo 96

I think I'm doing a better job updating on Ravelry. Mmmmm, Ravelry.

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Blogger Lisa said...

Gorgeous! Yay Koigu! Yay socks!

10:59 PM  

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