Monday, February 18, 2008

Bunny By Request

My cousins' kids came to visit last weekend, and of course got a sneak peek at some of my knitting. The older one, Isabelle, is just under 3 years old. She took one look at my knitting, and said:

"Lindsay, can you knit me something?"

Of course, I said yes, and asked her what she wanted me to knit for her. The joyful answer was:

"A sheep, a bunny, and a sweater."

"What if I could only knit you one thing?"

"A bunny. A purple bunny."

My first response was to think of the baby bunny I knit her when she was born:

But, of course, Miss Isabelle is no longer a baby, and needs a supremely wonderful toddler bunny.

I am thinking of a purple version of the Jean Greenhowe bunny I knit Krish a couple Christmases ago:
Krish's bunny in hand

You know, with the addition of a ballerina tutu, and some other sparkly bling. Perfect for a little girl who loves bunnies and purple.

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