Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Project 365: Day One

Here is my very first photo for Ravelry's Project 365. Info about the project is in my previous post. You can click on any of these photos to see them enlarged, at my Flickr site.

Winter is prevailing here in Toronto, and I think we've had enough already! As much as I love snow, it's getting a bit tough getting around the city. There are snowbanks the size of cars, and the side streets (and my parking lot) are all crusted with a sheet of ice. I just know I'm going to glisser* any moment now, and land on something that shouldn't be landing on ice!

If you pull up the Large Size of this photo on Flickr, you'll actually see individual snowflakes! Huzzah for the macro setting!

*The Word of the Week from CBC Radio's show "C'est la vie" - it means "to slide")



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