Monday, February 25, 2008

Sewing Project!

Now that I have my new sewing machine, a lovely Janome S313, I'm practicing sewing straight lines. That means little projects, like my first real project: a 30x30" Furoshiki I sewed for a friend last week from this pattern, (I printed and included these excellent folding instructions from the government of Japan!).

Yesterday, I knit up the Magic Rice Bag in this photo, (it's the same fabric I used for the Furoshiki). I used the pattern from Mommy Cooks as a guideline, and used plain white 100% cotton for the inner layer. I did divide the inner bag into 3 compartments, to hold the rice in place. I'm already glad that I included that modification. It added maybe 10 minutes of extra work, but made a big difference.

I know I did a good job, because 2 minutes after it was done, it was out of the microwave and on my boyfriend's head. Yes, his head. Apparently, he had ear tension. I'm not asking.

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