Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New haircut

I feel all sleek and sophisticated with my new haircut! I suppose it was time, as I haven't done anything with it since the chin-length bob I got last February. Yep, my hair grows super fast, because she cut off about 4 inches.

Lots of layers, happy Linz.

So, now that I actually feel like a grown-up, I'm off to run around with the toddlers and do some singing and dancing! We'll see how much the layers get in the way!

I haven't been knitting much lately, forgive me. I had an incident with a baby sweater, and have needed a little break. Besides, my sewing machine is all shiny and new and needs me! But soon, there will be stuffed animals! I've promised them for Easter, so I should get cracking! One purple bunny, and one to be determined...

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Blogger Team Knit ! said...

It looks great!! Very few things are such a pick-me-up as a perfect haircut....

- Julie

10:15 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Lookin' good, lady! You should make a plan to come to Waterloo soon, there's a 50% off sale starting at Cloth & Clay tomorrow!

10:30 PM  

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