Friday, February 24, 2006

One sock, two socks, red sock, blue sock

Wellllllll . . . I've gotten to the point of the sockapalOOOza sock no. 1 where I need to start getting ready for that heel. So I'm going to cast on for the second sock. Haha.

No, really. I usually do two socks at once, and right now I've only got one going. I planned it this way because I wasn't sure if the "koigu/jaywalker/adjusting-the-pattern-as-I-go plan" was going to work out.

Now that I can see that:
a) it doesn't look like cat barf, in fact it's quite nice to look at
b) it's actually coming out to the gauge/size I want it to be
c) this is way too fun and every sock I knit from now on will be a jaywalker

I think it's ok that I cast on the second sock.

Other benefits to this plan:
a) I avoid second sock syndrome
b) I can make sure both socks really are the same length before I start the heel
c) I get to go back to knitting two socks at once, which is really my favourite part
d) I'm going to be traveling this weekend (touring with our opera to perform with symphony - yay!), and it's much easier to work on the toe/foot of the sock than figure out a new heel I have never done before that Crafty Ginny had to fight with.

So yep. I think it's a plan, Stan.

Off I go!


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