Thursday, February 09, 2006

Please forgive me.

Dear Math,
I apologize. Humbly and profusely.

I thought you had forsaken me last night when the beginning of the sock was an inch too big. I thought you'd done something funky with a decimal, and come up with some crazy number that looked right just to make me step a little bit closer to insanity.

But no, I was mistaken. You were right! Your numbers were all correct... it was the concept I didn't get. Please forgive me for ever doubting you.


(cough...jaywalkers don't have the zigzag on the sole, it's just stockinette...cough...I'm a total dork...cough)


Blogger Ginny! said...

lol! Rough night? ;-)

I start my jaywalkers after work today. Wheee!

7:42 AM  

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