Thursday, April 02, 2009


I've been working on the Whisper Cardigan from the Spring 09 Interweave Knits... and I adore it like no other project.


But you know what?

It's not really a cardigan.

It's kind of half-cardigan, and half-shrug. It's a shrugigan.

I've already knit the shrug bit... starting at one sleeve in the round, across the back (flat), and then the other sleeve. I've picked up an infinite number of stitches (ask me how long that took!) and now I'm knitting ribbing around the whole thing. Once I've got 3 inches of ribbing, I'll knit the rest of the back (the bottom half), and the front panels.


It really is a fascinating construction, and I am learning a ton from this process.

However . . .

It's not a cardigan.


(Pssst... Cobbalicious, this update's for you!)

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Blogger Team Knit ! said...

haha, I noticed the same thing as well, but I still want one! yours is coming along beautifully.

- Julie

6:53 AM  

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