Thursday, June 29, 2006

She's baaaaack...

Well, Birch is back to almost where she was before I restarted.
And I actually followed the lace pattern this time!

Unfortunately, I did most of the knitting in a the emergency waiting room at the hospital. Everyone's fine, but there was a pretty big scare with my boyfriend's stepmum tonight. Gaaah.

Amazing how focused and pulled-together I could be when knitting. I highly recommend it to everyone... except maybe the scary woman in handcuffs sitting across from me. She didn't need to have anything pointy on her. Especially with all the alcohol that was in her system.

I'd post a progress photo, but I think I need to decompress right now. Just pretend there's one right here that looks like the last progress photo of birch that you saw, but is actually knitted correctly this time.

OOOOh, shiny imaginary progress photo.

Isn't that a nice imaginary photo? I thought you'd like it...
Off to bed.

Happy fibre-filled dreams!


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