Monday, October 24, 2005


Well, I have been swatching and frogging more than knitting.

I have some lovely nonokitty wool/silk that is asking me to make it into armwarmers:
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It knits up so nicely. I will definitely be needing more.

The gorgeous sweetgeorgia laceweight that seems to want to be a lace scarf:
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But I don't care for this design . . . back to the drawing board.

My Brooks Farm mohair that is designing itself into a sweater:
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And today, from my SP, arrived some gorgeous extrafine merino (in the most beautiful red!). There's about 550 yards of it... it would like to be a soft scarf:
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I just keep petting it. That's not wrong. Lots of fine knitters do this.

Why am I stalled? It's not for lack of knitting time. . . it's because I have 3.75mm needles winging their way to me, and that's what I need for oh, let's say, all of these projects!

I've also decided I could give up all yarnweights except sport/DK and be perfectly happy in life.


Blogger CareBear said...

Does 100% Alpaca yarn felt pretty easily? I have some handspun 100% wool and it does not at all! Or else I don't know what I'm doing! :-) I want to make a felted Sophie bag for my mom this Christmas and don't know what kind of yarn to use. My local yarn shop
sucks ;-)

OOPS! Didn't mean to delete that last comment! ;-)

8:42 AM  
Blogger Linz said...

alpaca should felt pretty easily... not as easily as wool though.

Wool won't felt if it's been treated... eg. if it's superwash, certain types of chemicals or even certian dyes...

10:38 AM  

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