Monday, September 12, 2005

Been a little busy...

... you know, busy with school and all. Classes are going exceptionally well, but there's a lot of work to do.

I'm in-between projects right now... and I just got a back-issue of Interweave Knits in the mail with the shawl I want to make:
Image hosted by
I'm debating whether I'm going to add the bobbles or not. My gut says no.

I've been on the quest for The Perfect Shawl for a while now. This might be it, but I'm still undecided. I've also ordered Traditional Lace Shawls, and it has a whole bunch of information on designing -- as does my gorgeous, new Elizabeth Zimmerman book from my SP!

Oh, and the alpaca I ordered for my friend's scarf is a little different than the one from my SP (and I like the SP one better). The one for my friend is the brushed alpaca, and it has acrylic in it. The SP one definitely wins! But I think I've decided on what I'll do with the scarf, after all sorts of swatching last night! The answer is . . . drumroll please . . . a modified version of:
Image hosted by

I think it will be lovely. It's cabled, and reversible! And Lily Chin, you can't beat it!


Blogger Danielle said...

I love that Lily Chin Pattern, it'll look great in the brushed alpaca! The one from IK is also beautiful, you have such great taste Linz.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Linz said...

Aw, thanks Danielle! Glad to see you're back cruising the blogs after all your craziness.

Now to figure out what to do with my gorgeous nonokitty mohair... that's what this shawl hunt has been for, and it doesn't seem to be helping!!! (I might try swatch the Lily Chin pattern and see what the colours do!)

12:49 PM  

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