Sunday, September 11, 2005

I've been tagged...

... so you get this. Courtesy of The Rogue Knitter. Dun dun dun...

ten years ago: Oy. I was 13, and man... that was no fun. I had just started grade eight, which was my second year at that school. Everything was big and scary.

five years ago: I was 18, and just starting my undergrad at UofT. Everything was still big and scary. But I was awfully optimistic! I also started knitting seriously that year.

one year ago: I was freaked out to have my first September ever, in which I was NOT going to school. It was a very strange year. It got me planning and prepared for grad school, where I am now!

five snacks: 1) Chocolate 2) Cheez-its 3) Cheeeeeeese 4) Buttered toasted bagels 5) chocolate

five songs I know all the words to: I'm a singer. I always know all the words ;)

five things I would do with $100 million: 1) get married 2) buy a house 3) pay off my parents' debts 4) make sure all my friends were doing what they loved, not what they felt they had to do to pay the bills; pay for more school for them to do what they love 5) put the money away so I wouldn't have to worry, ever, about financial woes

five places to run away to: 1) South Africa 2) Italy [especially the Chianti region] 3) everywhere else in Europe 4) Hawaii - I've never been! 5) my BF's cottage

five things I would never wear: 1) anything exposing my belly... unless I lose a whole bunch o' weight [yeah, right] 2) those thong flip-flops with the things between your toes. Ow. 3) I often don't wear a raincoat, but that's because I never remember one 4) uncomfortable shoes, even if it means I'm short 5) something someone died wearing

five favorite tv shows: 1) Law and Order 2) Desperate Housewives 3) Grey's Anatomy 4) The 4400 5) ER

five biggest joys: 1) snuggles 2) picnics 3) singing 4) surprise phone calls 5) finding new music

favorite toys: 1) computer 2) Lionel and le Renard 3) minidisc 4) digital camera 5) cell phone

Well, there it is, more than you ever needed to know! Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!


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