Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Busy bee

Yeah, there hasn't been much knitting, since I'm now in another city and doing an intensive summer program! I think that'll change soon though, my fingers are getting itchy to work on my clapotis. (And I want to start wearing it!)

I was in class yesterday, and had left my computer out on the table with my desktop showing. This is the picture that was on it: Image hosted by

So of course, Aaron asked why I had a llama on my computer. I explained that it was an alpaca, and that this picture just made me feel unexplicable happy. I mean really. Can you look at that alpaca and not be happy?

Then later in the day, Leslie walked by my computer when I was completely at the other side of the room and exclaimed: "Who's llama is this??" I did the whole alpaca explanation again, sorted out the confusion that it wasn't my alpaca, and explained that I knit. Turns out, not only does she knit, she also spins... and on her desktop is a photo of her spinning wheel.

Yep, we're geeks. Voice geeks + knitting geeks. I love it!

And as you can guess, the photo on my desktop has now been changed.


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