Thursday, May 19, 2005

Officially Half-way There

Ok, so by my count, I am officially half-way through my clapotis!!!
I am really loving this pattern, especially because it's so much more interesting than boring ol' stockinette. There are a ton of sweater/top/bag patterns I'd love to try right now, but I'm so sick of stockinette, that I just can't face them.

So there are enough 'landmarks' along the way to keep the pattern interesting: drop a stitch every 12 rows, every few stitches you get to ktbl. I get bored with the endless purling on the wrong side. But it's nice because I can pay attention to other stuff when I'm purling and then to my knitting when I'm on the right side. (Very helpful for catching up on friends' blogs and knitting simultaneously.)

Anyone ready to place bets on if it'll be done before I leave for Denver, 17 days from now?


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