Saturday, May 28, 2005

planning madness

So I think I like planning knitting projects almost as much as the knitting itself.

I am not one of those knitters with all sorts of unfinished objects. I might have two projects on the go if one is all boring stockinette (great for movies) and one is complicated-enough-that-I really-should-follow-the-pattern (not so good for knitting in the dark), but I don't get those guilty unfinished projects that I started and stashed in the closet.

Because of this, or maybe the cause of this, I really spend good time planning what I'll be knitting. Which is why I have a beautiful skein of Alpaca ready to go but not assigned to any project, and also why I have several designs in my brain, with the supplies to complete them, and these projects not actually being knit. Because once I commit to knitting something, I'm damn well going to finish it.

So, the question is... what to take to Denver? The 'possible' projects? Or do I wait and buy stuff there and get inspired by the yarn? (I like that solution). Is it wrong that I don't have room to take much with me, but my Addi stash is definitely going to come along? I don't think so. Actually, it's not a question at all, it's just me feeling guilty for abandoning my potential projects in favour of something new.

Blah blah blah. I really will have knitting content up soon. It's just that the clapotis is chugging along and looks pretty much the same to what you last saw, but with a few more repeats... I am so pleased with it though! My sister told me yesterday that it was definitely the nicest thing she's ever seen me knitting. I don't know about that, but it's pretty nice. And, it's for me.

I'm giving my voice teacher her socks on Tuesday, which is my last lesson. Hope she loves them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention, you'll soon be receiving another SP package with yet MORE knittables...! Would you like something small (easy to fit into your luggage) or something major?


2:00 PM  
Blogger Linz said...

ooooh, exciting!!!
I think small and packable would be the best, I'm REALLY trying not to take too much down with me.

Once I'm there, however, it's a whole different story ;)

2:12 PM  

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