Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A True Hat Story

I don't know if I ever showed this hat off on the blog.
It was a Christmas present for my boyfriend a few years back, and makes me smile to think of it.

As you can see here, it's a simple hat pattern (I just made it up, and started decreasing when it looked big enough) knit with double-stranded cheapy yellow acrylic from my stash.

The braids were the toughest part. I wanted them to be "posable" and so needed them to be wired. To get the strength I needed, I ended up triple-stranding yellow pipe-cleaners around 6 strands of floral wire. I then put one of each of these 'bunches' of wire inside each strand of yellow braid. Of course, the ends then needed blue ribbon!

They were very well-received by my boyfriend, who had (believe it or not) requested such a hat after watching a cooking show with a crazy Frenchman wearing ridiculous hats (including, a carrot hat)!

He wears it every Winter (to my delight), and will even wear it when driving. The looks we get are priceless; it is as if the random people we pass on the street are saying: "Hey guy, do you know that you've got braids on your head?"

Yup. Sheer crazy, and perfectly wonderful.

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