Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Scarf . . .

Well, the scarf is coming along very nicely. She is almost done! Just one more TV night, and she should be ready to go.
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I have learned that DPNs are great not only for cabling, but as hair sticks, and to hold your work together, while it's in transport:
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(Just be careful using them as hairsticks, people don't like being jabbed by them... and you know it's bound to happen.)

I still can't quite get a shot with accurate colour on this one. But I think these are the closest yet!

The scarf is going to smell quite lovely, I'm sure. Some split splicing was done at the SnB at the cafe the other night. Orange Ginger Mint tea was used. (What? As a knitter, you use what you have close to hand, right?)

Oh, and alpaca in your tea is way fun.


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